Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Writing Day 3

Didn't get much writing done yesterday. Cat food, cat litter, tomato cages, haircut, groceries, friend visiting in the afternoon, dinner and a movie. Sounds kind of like a vacation, doesn't it?

(The movie, by the way, was Sex and the City. My partner and I went to see it at Aimie's Dinner and a Movie in Glens Falls NY; it's a halfway decent restaurant that shows a first-run movie during dinner. So the room was completely packed, with only one empty table — and there were 39 women in the room and only 4 men. Lots of "girls' night out" tables. The movie was cute, in its way, but also frustrating. Money was always available and never discussed. Whenever anyone wanted anything, they bought it with no regard for where the money was coming from. Manhattan would indeed be a fun place if your pockets were constantly replenished...)

But today (I'm writing this at 1:00 in the afternoon) has been really productive. I've pushed forward another five pages or so, and I'm working on reasons why architecture — while it makes use of science — is not a science itself. That's a surprisingly difficult and nuanced argument to make, while the argument about art came fairly easily. So the challenge is terrifically fun.

One of the things I know about myself is that I'm pretty useless when I try to concentrate in the afternoon. I'm good from 6:00 to noon or so, and then again from 7:00 to 11:00 or so at night. But between noon and 7, all I can do is answer e-mails, browse the web, or go to meetings; I just don't focus well enough to be able to read or write seriously. So I have to manage my schedule well enough to not waste particular times of day on the things that don't fall naturally during those hours.

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Melissa said...

Hi Herb - Nice to see you've kept up your side of the deal, posting each day while this is admittedly the first time I have read the blog since my last post. Looks like you are pleased with your progress and "diamonds"! :)

I couldn't help but comment on Sex and the City. Such a male perspective to think about money! The whole show (and movie as well) is about a grownup female fantasy. Closets busting with shoes and clothes, fantastic and seemingly endless sex, best girl friends without other commitments, living in manhattan; it wouldn't be complete without plenty of money! But you know this.

One other thing. My sister is in Ghana doing some volunteer work at a hospital. She's a pretty fun writer and is keeping a blog. So between noon and 7, you might find this interesting.

I hope you weren't expecting a more intelligent post from me!

See you in a few weeks!