Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I can't resist...

"I hold the position that rumors are cybernetic structures in their own right, neither the parochial production of humans, no composites, not part truths or half-fictions or any other form or assembly of other cybernetic categories. Thus, they possess certain unique and irreducible qualities, such as immanent distance. Given this position, I think I figured out the first rumor, which must have occurred about 300,000 after the big bang just before the decoherence. Just before the decoherence, as photons moved farther aand [sic] farther into the plasma soup, an inkling must have escalated into a cosmic rumor that the great, indivisible unity of the plasma would soon atomize, leaving all existence fragmented, each piece isolated and alone. As the rumor spread, a fantastic anxiety would have gripped the cosmos, reaching an intolerable pitch just at the brink. For an instant, as the plasma ripped apart into atoms and transparency spread throughout the cosmos in the blink of an eye, abject terror must have gripped all existence. Then a moment later, all existence must have joined together in a cacaphony of laughter." — Jeffrey Kipnis, the Urban Rumors project, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist
The philosopher Keith DeRose from Yale describes postmodern philosophy as "a fogbank," and says "I have to worry about any writer who will carry on like that for that long."

Let's leave aside this passage's anti-scientific (nearly Intelligent Design) foolishness of sentient stellar matter. I'm more troubled by the fact that every architectural theorist who succumbs to these glib and meaningless party games takes up faculty and publication space that could actually be used for the analysis of the vast social and environmental problems that architecture could address. I'm even more troubled by the fact that every unsuspecting architecture student who comes in contact with one of these characters runs the risk of being distracted from the real work.

If you're not going to work for the aid of real people, then get out of the way.

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